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I hate to get too personal on here, but I'm going to get too personal.  So, first Tinder date..major fail.  Not to sound dramatic, but I've never felt so many emotions at one time.  After the date, I felt confused, mad, deceived, sad, disappointed, and hurt.  He didn't do anything terrible or blatently mean, but he was completely different from how he portrayed himself in the app.


First red flag:  immediately wanted to travel with me.  Second red flag:  immediately joked about getting me a ring.  Third red flag:  knew exactly what to say (type) about everything.  Why did I agree to meet up with him, you ask.  Well, because I'm a girl..and when a cute (so he posted) guy is charming and nice and wants to take you out, you let yourself believe that maybe this is the one.  And just maybe he's actually a nice guy that really wants to get to know you.  And maybe he's looking to settle down, too.  No.  Do not let yourself go there.  That is a fantasy.  I think I may be quoting "He's Just Not That Into You", but you (and by you, I mean me) are not the exception.  I obviously have a problem with getting my hopes up too soon (I guess shouldn't say problem, because I like that quality), but it leads to disappointment. 


I show up and immediately recognize that he has maybe fibbed a little about his height.  Not by much, so I let it slide.  He then asks what I want to drink and I tell him I'll have the same as him..since he knows his wines so well..per prior conversations.  He proceeds to tell me he doesn't know what to get and just orders something random.  By the glass.  Snob alert: not okay.  His cute, charming self does not come out, even after a little wine.  He asks me random questions and anything I ask back is answered in a very negative manner.  Umm lie on the first date..be positive.  But I suppose if that's your personality, that's your personality..but that isn't for me.    It is also my birthday.  He knows it is and I am talking about how I was able to celebrate with my friends and how my parents had cupcakes delivered to my office and how it was such a fun day..blah, blah, blah.  He says he doesn't celebrate his birthday because he thinks it is selfish and doesn't like the attention.  Omg.  Are you kidding me?  Rude.

I am chugging my wine at this point to get the eff outta there.  I think he gets the hint when the bartender asks if we want another and I immediately give the "no way in h.e.double.l." look.  He at least pays for the one glass of random wine and walks me out.  Luckily we're in different directions, so we only have one block of more awkward/not charming conservation and it's over.  Whew.  Forty-five minutes later and I'm exhausted.  Not a good sign.


So, you may think this is weird, but my friends actually came to the bar where we were meeting.  I didn't exactly ask them to do that, but I asked them to be on call, just in case..ya know, the whole serial killer thing. Well, I am so beyond glad they were there.  After I faked walking home for two blocks, I turned right back around walked back to the bar.  We had a glass of wine and I was able to vent.  Oh and ask the bartenders what their thoughts were.  They thought we were cousins. #lol

Tinder-lesson learned.  Don't fall for the charm.  Just meet up if they ask and leave it at that.  Don't let yourself set any expectations.  And the best lesson learned: have your friends there for that glass of wine you're going to need when it's over.


  1. I avoid Tinder at all costs! I have only heard of horrible experiences and bad "relationships" that come from Tinder. It used to be a hookup app, after all. Match.com is a much better option, there seem to be really normal, nice and successful people on there who are serious about a relationship! I have several friends who are married or engaged from meeting on Match.com, just keep it mind if you ever want to try it and put yourself out there! Love your posts!

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Virginia!! I may have to try Match at some point :) Right now, I'm giving everything a break haha


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