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I have recently found my new workout obsession and - no joke - it's boxing!  Who would've thought?  Now, to be fair this isn't the boxing you're probably thinking about.  I'm not fighting someone in a ring.  But I do get to punch a punching bag :)

Rumble Boxing gym moved about a block next to my office (2001 M St NW)

a couple months ago and I was so excited.  I had been walking past the location for a while and kept checking the website to see when it would actually open.  When I was asked to try a class, I jumped at the chance.  And I'm so happy I did.

I can't explain the energy of this place in words, so you'll just have to try it for yourself, but it's insane.  You walk in and are greeted by the most cheerful, fun staff.  They set you up with everything you need.  You need wraps, gloves and water.  All the extras can kinda add up, so I would highly suggest bringing your own water and eventually buying your own gloves if you decide you want to become a regular.  You sign up for a specific spot in advance, but they remind you of whether you start on the Floor or Bag side and what number you are.

Now, it's time for class!  Make sure your wraps are on, but keep off your gloves until you're in class.  I choose to start on the Floor side because a friend recommended don't have to end class doing burpees basically.  The class is a high-energy cardio / strength training class focused on teaching you the six basic boxing punches.  The instructor starts every class showing off the punches and then guides you through the entire workout.  The music is super loud and there are screens everywhere showing you your ranking..just kidding..that's the worst.  There are screens up everywhere, but they're showing you how to do every punch and move to complement the instructor.  The class is an hour, but it's so fun, time flies and you're done before you know it.

For all of you that are super smart like me and run straight into the locker rooms after workout classes to use the hair dryers to blow cold air all over you, you'll love Rumble.  The lockers and locker rooms are extremely nice.  The locker rooms are set-up with all Drybar products..dry shampoo, hair dryers, etc.  It has a very spacious and clean feel.

I can't recommend Rumble enough.  Yes, it's expensive, but it's pretty similar to any other boutique workout you're paying for, so just try it.  It is so fun and you know you've gotten an awesome workout in when you leave..and even more so a day or two afterwards. 

Thanks so much for having me, Rumble..see you soon!


I don't even know how to start this post.  I want to gush about SkinDC in general, but the main objective is to talk about my laser treatment, so I'll start with that.

I recently visited SkinDC in Arlington for a laser resurfacing treatment.  After a few conversations through email, we had decided on one that sounded best for my skin.  I was nervous, excited, anxious.  How was it going to feel?  What would the laser fix?  Would I look like Samantha on Sex and the City afterwards?  However, after my consultation, my mind was at ease.

The laser treatment Dr. Keaney and I ultimately decided to go with was the BBL (not the original choice).  SkinDC has this very cool, very legit technology which, after multiple pictures of your face and skin, determines your skin's "age" and what areas need treatment.  I'm not doing this technology justice; it was one of the coolest things I've seen.  It measures UV, brown spots, wrinkles, texture, can see in the picture everything it covers.

What we gathered from the pictures, is that I need to focus on the brown spots, UV, and texture way more than wrinkles (who knew?..but also, Botox..).  The BBL laser focuses on exactly what I need treated.

The actual treatment itself takes no time at all.  First they remove your makeup, then they use an alcohol pad to remove any other impurities.  They then apply a thick-gel like substance all over your face, cover your eyes with little stickers and they're off.  The laser feels like hot, little rubber band snaps (as Dr. Keaney described) and he was totally right.  It's not terribly painful, but I wouldn't want to have the treatment last any longer than it did.  It's uncomfortable and your face gets pretty hot..but it's done within five minutes..probably even shorter than that.

My face was a little swollen, red, and tender right afterwards, but it went away in about 2-3 hours.  There is basically no downtime which was super important to me.  I can't miss work for something like this :)

Over the next week, I could tell that my brown spots were getting even darker and eventually they started falling off.  One of the staff members, Laurel, described the feeling as little coffee grinds on your face.  No one would notice but you.

The results were amazing!  I could tell a noticeable difference in the texture and evenness of my skin tone.  The after pictures are proof.  I went back about two weeks later for a follow-up and as you can see from the before and after pictures, my brown spots decreased (as well as my skin's texture improved) by just one treatment.  SkinDC and Dr. Keaney recommend three treatments and you can bet that I'm saving up my $ for two more.

Now, to the gushing.  Mary Keaney, her husband and the doctor who performed by treatment, Dr. Terrence Keaney as well as all of the staff I interacted with were the friendliest, most helpful people.  I typically have a lot of questions when trying something new - especially when it comes to beauty treatments and everyone was so professional and patient..not to mention educated.  Every question I asked was answered in a genuine and knowledgeable way.  They never tried to sell me on more services or try and get me to do something I didn't need, but did a thorough consultation advising me on things I could possibly do down the line.

I can't say enough good things about SkinDC and highly recommend going in for, at least, a consultation.

Thank you so much for having me in, SkinDC..I'll be back :)

I was provided the service in exchange for promotion; however, my love for this place and the treatment is real..they are amazing and I'll continue to do BBL if my wallet allows :)


Thank you to Allergan and Dr. Lily Talakoub at McLean Dermatology for partnering on this post!

First things first, hi!  I know I've probably lost a lot of you all in my recent hiatus, but any post featuring Botox usually gets a lot of action, so here we go :)

I recently had the opportunity to attend a breakfast with Allergan and Dr. Lily to discuss the Allergan brand and what products they own.  Their most popular:  Botox.  

I've been a huge fan of the product for the past year and have always loved the results, so when Allergan reached out to see if I would be up to partnering with one of their favorite doctors, Dr. Lily, I was super excited!  McLean Dermatology is located guessed it..McLean.  When you arrive, the lobby is fresh, chic, and smells so good (I know, weird).  Someone kept commenting on it and the girls at the front desk said that the practice just released a candle..and I was super tempted to buy..but that's not why I was there. Just wait until you see the pics of their product walls.  The pictures don't do it justice, but let's just say I stayed a little longer than I planned going through all they sold..

After a short wait, I was greeted by a medical assistant and was taken back into one of the service rooms.  Very typical of most medical offices, but these rooms were a good way.  Everything was super clean and tidy.

After going though the basics (why I was there, allergies, etc..), Dr. Lily came in to perform the injections.  I guess the medical assistant had told her my past history with Botox, so she just got down to business.  Total, it took about 45 seconds (check out my Instagram stories) and I was done.  I received 20 units and let me tell pain.  It's I was thinking "is she actually doing anything??".  Well, yes..the results show up in about two weeks and I was told to come back in for a check-up at that point.  Honestly, if I like the results, it's no biggie not to go back, but any patient is welcome to.

To be honest, I don't think I really needed to start getting Botox, but now that I've started, I'm not going back.  I feel as if it makes me look more awake, alert and fresh.  It's also like a semi-permanent makeup primer.  And it doesn't hurt at all!  I highly recommend getting Botox if you've been thinking about it.  Start small, see a reputable doctor, ask questions..and you're good!  But be careful, you won't be able to go back ;)

Also, if you're a nerd like me and want to learn more about Allergan, their products and the industry as a whole, check out this interesting report their team worked on!

Thank you again to Allergan and Dr. Lily Talakoub!


A blog post..eek!

It's here again..the Shopbop sale!  20% your purchase of less than $500 and 25% off your purchase of $500 or more..and fortunately / unfortunately, it's super easy to spend over $500.

Here are my favorites (click on anything to buy):


Hi!  Long time..

As you can imagine, I'm dreaming of a sunny, warm vacation.  Luckily, I'm going to Bermuda in a few weeks and then down to Seaside (FL, not NJ) at the end of April! There are a few must-haves that I've been eyeing - this dress, this top and these shoes - but I wanted to put together a full packing list for those of you who are also going on some beach trips this spring.  These items will easily last you for a long weekend..

Just click on any of the items you see below and it will take you straight to the website to purchase :)

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