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This post has been a long time coming.  I have been using Clarins for as long as I can remember and when I was offered the opportunity to come out to the Clarksburg Premium Outlets (almost a year ago!), I wandered into the Clarins shop.  All I can is "wow".  It's huge, has every product, and everything is discounted a ton.  I initially went in for my Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base and Ashton (the store manager) who was working at the time hooked me up with a bundle of samples to try out.  Not surprisingly at all, I became obsessed with everything I tried..and the pictures don't even show half of the products.  One of my absolute, all-time favorites is their Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil..I use it daily and highly recommend.

The moral of the story is:  if you haven't tried incorporating Clarins into your skincare/beauty routine..start's better late than never.  Ashton at the Clarksburg store is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and will make sure you leave will all the products you need!  You can email her at with any questions.


sunglasses:  Celine || slip dress:  Hampden Clothing (similar) || duster: Neiman Marcus || bag:  Celine || jewelry:  David Yurman

Well, geez.  Talk about a down couple weeks.  Does that ever happen to y'all?  I know we all have good days and bad days.  But weeks?  I shouldn't really say this because the entirety hasn't been bad, but looking back, the bad has outweighed the good.  That casual thing I mentioned a few months ago ended unexpectedly.  My job search is currently in neutral.  My dog-walker/the most stable person in my life (only kind of kidding), told me she's moving.  So stupid, but a pair of my favorite sunglasses broke..the ones in the picture above actually.  I feel like I can't catch a break.

I'm typically a super duper positive person and tend to always find the good in every situation, but it's just been tough lately.

How do you all cope with times like these?

Here are a few things I've been doing:

  • Reflecting on all the things I'm grateful for - literally writing down a list and reading it every day..can't explain how helpful this has been
  • Cooking - this past week it was quinoa eggs bites, homemade guac, cacio de pepe, zucchini bread..let me know if you want any of the recipes :)
  • Reminding myself on why things didn't work out/go my way - writing down a list of reasons (yes, another list) has been very therapeutic
  • Hanging out with friends/saying yes to all plans - this has saved me, but this has also been exhausting..
  • Lighting a candle whenever I get home - or buying a new candle ;) it's the little things
  • Working out - "Exercise gives you endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy."  It's so true!  Keeping up my regular barre and spin routine has been great; debating whether I should also start going to Orangetheory
  • Going on tons of dates - "You've gotta get back on the horse" as my mom says..this is also good practice for my job interviews..
  • Daily devotionals and going to church - I grew up going to church and have put it on the back-burner for a while, so getting back into it has really helped..if you want to know which devo I'm reading or, for you DC readers, ever want to come with me on a Sunday, let me know
  • Organizing & cleaning - I immediately feel better when things get checked off my to-do list (oh and I write the to-do list down, too..if you can't tell, I love writing lists) or when everything is super clean and pretty
  • Listening to my fave podcast:  U Up? - if you follow me on Instagram (laura.lehman), you've seen how much I've been promoting this podcast on my stories..I'm not a podcast person, but this is lol-gold
  • Planning fun activities for the future - Rosé on the Roof party anyone?  

I would love to hear how you guys get through the tough times..

And actually..just writing this has made me feel better :) I have a feeling these next couple weeks are going to be much better..


sweater:  L.L Bean (sold out, similar for less than $35!)  jeans:  Banana Republic // shoes:  Club Monaco (old, similar more than 50% off!) // bag:  Celine // sunglasses:  Celine

Another look from my Richmond weekend with Jenn and Kristyn.  It's been a little too cold to just wear a sweater like this outside (add a puffer coat and scarf and swap the mules for some Lowlands), but I couldn't say no to buying it when I found out it was less than $20..not a typo..however, it's sold out online, but still check out L.L. Bean's sweater collection..everything is super reasonably priced.

Side note:  can anyone believe it's February?  I was talking with a friend the other day about how January felt 157 days long, but also went by in a flash..funny how that happens.  I'm really excited for this month, though..I feel like it's going to be really productive and I've luckily been having some positive momentum with the job search.  Send good vibes :)

Oh and if I don't "see" you..Happy Valentine's Day!  I literally have no reason to like this holiday, but it's always been one of my favorites..I'm a weirdo.



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