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Hi!  Long time..

Well, there's a snow storm today in DC and everyone I know has a snow day, but my boss made me come into post!

As you can imagine, I'm dreaming of a sunny, warm vacation.  Luckily, I'm going to Bermuda in a few weeks and then down to Seaside (FL, not NJ) at the end of April! There are a few must-haves that I've been eyeing - this dress, this top and these shoes - but I wanted to put together a full packing list for those of you who are also going on some beach trips this spring.  These items will easily last you for a long weekend..

Just click on any of the items you see below and it will take you straight to the website to purchase :)


So, really it's technically take three, but only my second post..

I had my third Botox appointment with West End Plastic Surgery about 2-3 weeks ago and this time saw Norah Gourlay, N.P. This was my third round and guys..I'm not going back.  And by "not going back", I mean I'm not going back to my old non-Botox self.

Botox in itself has been such a small, but hugely noticeable change for me and I'm obsessed.  Having it done at WEPS is a completely different thing altogether.  As I noted in this post, the staff is incredibly professional and friendly and no one there is trying to push you into anything you don't want to do.  Because it's an actual doctor's office, I feel totally comfortable because they're experts.  There is actual science behind the placement of Botox and how it will affect the muscles and if you're not getting it injected by doctors..well, you know what I'm getting at.

Norah was incredibly knowledgeable and made the slightest tweak to what I had done previously and I am in love with the results.  

Also, there is practically no down time.  I went in on my lunch break and was back to the office within an hour.  The redness you see in the third picture had already subsided by then.

I can't imagine going anywhere else..

Thanks again for having me, WEPS..see you in a few months!


Hi!  I haven't done a beauty post in a minute, so here we go.  Charlotte Tilbury recently sent over a box of products and I was elated.  I've tried numerous samples of their skincare/makeup, but have never actually splurged and made a purchase.  When the box included their famous Magic Cream, I may have done a little jump..was a bit excited ;)

I've been using the cream regularly now for ~3 weeks and can say I'm in's going to be an issue when I run out (groceries for the week or Magic Cream..).

The texture of the cream feels luxurious (if that isn't weird to say about a face cream).  It's extremely hydrating, but my skin stays well balanced after using ( oil..).  I typically use it as a night cream, but I know it also can act wonderfully (combined with spf) as a day cream and can tell it work wonders as a primer.

I highly recommend trying it..maybe start like the samples like I did, then get hooked, then make the actual purchase.

A few of the other products they sent are below (tbh - I haven't tried out everything yet, but I've loved everything I have tried..):

Thank you Charlotte Tilbury for sending over the goodies; I am in love!


See?  I told y'all I would be back :)

It's been a long week, but a good one.  My parents were in town last weekend through Wednesday morning and we did a lot..mostly eating..but a few site-seeing activities, as well.  I attended a puppy bday party, worked out in the park (sounds way cuter than it was) and tonight I'm headed to the grand opening of Roots at the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City!

Roots is actually opening two locations in the at PCM and the other in Georgetown.  I'll be out at the Fashion Centre later today, but I believe the festivities start at 11am.  Make sure to follow along on my Instagram as I'll be going live ~6:30pm EST to show off the store and some of my favorite items. 

I'm really excited to have this retailer here.  They're known for their super high-quality leather goods, but I'm really excited to check out their loungewear..this has my name (well, their name) all over it.

Okay, make sure to follow me later and have a great weekend!


Well, hi's been a while.  I know, life.  I have been completely neglecting this space, but it's time to jump back in.  I'm not making any promises that my one-blog-post-a-day thing is coming back, but I'm going to try and post once a week.  I miss it..not sure y'all have..but I have and to be brutally honest, this space is for me.

Recent updates:  

a1)  I GOT A NEW JOB (hallelujah).  Oh, and I like it..a lot.  But that's all I'm going to say because I feel like I may jinx it if I talk about it too much.

b2)  My bff4l got married and it was the best time ever..I rarely post personal, friend photos, so please refer to her wedding planner's Facebook page to see some photos.  It was the most fun I've had in a while..

c3)  I turned 31.  Yep..can't even fake not being an adult anymore.  Still feel 16 at heart, though..just now doing Botox.

That's a super quick update because I want to get into the important stuff.  The Nordstrom Sale.  I know, it's so annoying.  I'm not going to bombard you with daily, individually curated posts for you, your mom, your dog,'s just this one with a handful of my favorites.  

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I only kept one of the items I purchased..can you guess which one? 

Check out the rest of the sale here and see you all next week?  Can't wait.

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