So, not to use labels, but I think I officially moved from a "fashion" blogger to a "lifestyle" and "beauty" blogger.  I've recently had a lot of opportunities to try out beauty products and skincare services and have really enjoyed learning about everything and seeing how my skin has reacted to changes I've made and improved with the different services I tried.  I have a huge favorite products post coming soon.

This past weekend, I was lucky to try out the Silver Mirror Facial Bar in Dupont Circle.  This is their third location, with the first two located in New York.  They offer one-off facials, but their model is geared towards offering a monthly membership at very reasonable prices.   They have a few different 30-minute and 50-minute facials to choose from.  They also have a lot of add-ons which come at a discount with a membership.  In addition to their facials, they also sell skincare products including brands that I love:  SkinCeuticals, Revision and Supergoop!..and one of my new favorites, Sanitas.

The spa is super chic and clean and luckily for me is about a 5 minute walk from my office and my home.  Lucky or dangerous?

The spa doesn't have individual rooms, but spaces are divided by sheer curtains.  I was in an area by myself, but could imagine that you could probably hear the person / service next to you..so I wouldn't call it the most relaxing.  But relaxing isn't really their thing; it's good facials.

My esthetician was Melodie (the spa manager) and she choose to do the 50-minute Anti-Aging facial.  Y'all, it was amazing.  I had her list out the entire process afterwards because there was no way I could remember everything.  Look at this:

- Pre-skin analysis
- Customized double cleanse (customized cleansers for your skins specific needs)
- Steam therapy (opens the pores for better product penetration)
- Custom exfoliation (removal of dead skin cells)
- Extractions (deep cleanse the pores)
- High-frequency treatment (kills bacteria and calms inflammation after extractions)
- Ultra-Lift treatment (electronic muscle stimulation to prevent and help reverse the signs of aging)
- Vitamin therapy (custom blend of vitamins in oil form that best benefit your skins needs)
- LED Light therapy (customized light therapy that penetrates the skin to deliver healing benefits to the dermal layer of the skin.  The light also stimulates regeneration of stronger collagen and elastin in the skin)
- Oxygen Therapy (oxygen and a blend of 87 vitamin and minerals are infused into the skin for better hydration)
- Moisturizer and sunscreen (to finalize the treatment we hydrate the skin with a customized blend of either oil based on water based moisturizer with sunscreen for protection)

All of these treatments are included in the 50-minute Anti-Aging facial, but you can add on the Ultra-Lift to any of the services and a shorter version comes with the 30-minute Party Prep facial.

Here's a look into some of the treatments:

Right after extractions:

This is the high-frequency treatment:

Oxygen therapy:

After your facial, your esthetician provides a card with information about your service as well as recommendations for follow-up services and products that would be good for you to try.  I was also lucky enough to be sent home with a bag full of samples..samples are my fave :)

I highly recommend trying out Silver Mirror Facial Bar whether you're new to getting facials and want something affordable to try out a few things to see what works for you or if you're a seasoned skincare guru looking for something that works and allows you to get a monthly service done at a reasonable price-point.

Thank you so much Silver Mirror Facial Bar for having me!

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