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Let's be honest, Halloween isn't my favorite holiday in the world (duh, Christmas), but it can be really fun when you come up with a cute and unique costume.  None of those French maid, sexy cat types.  I try to do something regarding pop culture (I've been Snooki, Kate Middleton, Sarah Palin, etc.), so this year I've decided to "dress up" as the Rainbow Snapchat Filter.  It's super funny and really easy to do and I'll show y'all just how to do it.

Walmart is a great place to get everything you need for Halloween.  There's an aisle specifically dedicated to the holiday as well as to skin care and makeup for all the extras.

Don't mind the candle holder; what you're searching for is the "Skin Care" aisle.

On to the fun!  Follow these steps to get your filter face:

1.  Start with a face paint set.  This one from Walmart is perfect and it is less than $3.00.

2.  Take a light lip liner or eyebrow pencil to stencil in 8 lines about 2 centimeters apart.  The lines should start on your lower lip and make their way down your neck.  No worries if they aren't perfectly straight.

3.  Now it's time for ROYGBIV..y'all remember that?  Color in the lines using the brush provided in your set.

4.  Once you've filled in all the lines, take a bright pink blush to create the rosy cheeks.  My favorite bright pink is "Flushed" from Neutrogena.  It truly gives you those perfect, rosy cheeks.

5.  You're done!

It's really that simple and either people will be very confused or they'll laugh really hard.

Now, for the end of the night.  This is when the face paint stuff is scary.  It's face paint, so it's supposed to be easy to remove right?  Well, it definitely will be if you make sure to use a Neurtrogena makeup remover cleansing towelette.

As effective as they are, the wipes are also really gentle on your skin.  I actually use them every day and even as a contact lens wearer, I can use them over the eye area without any irritation.  Fact: they're clinically proven to remove 99.3% of your most stubborn makeup, even waterproof mascara.

Now, I've also tried Neutrogena's new ultra-light cleansing oil and that stuff works wonders.  Just apply 3-4 pumps onto dry hands and smooth all over your face.  Massage the oil into your skin and it will dissolve the makeup.  It's a great addition or substitute to the wipes especially in the winter when your skin needs more hydration.

See how amazing that is?  They're seriously the only makeup removing products I use and the reason is right there to see.

What ideas do y'all have for Halloween?  Any fun plans?  I plan to sit on my tush and pass out candy to the kids in my building.  Hopefully their parents will understand my costume :)

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  1. What a quick and easy idea for Halloween! I love how simple and foolproof this is! #client


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