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Boring days at work.  We've all had them, and if you haven't..where do you work and are you hiring?  I used to pine for an hour of down time to scroll through Bloglovin or peruse the Nordy Sale.  No longer.  I am now wishfully hoping for a productive work day.  Anytime I am given a new deal or if I am given a piece of new information for an active deal, I get so excited.  But alas, the work only lasts me about an hour and back to the boring-ness I go.  I've asked if there is anything extra I can do.  More than a couple times.  I've also noticed co-workers on news websites.  More than a couple times.  So, I'm beginning to think it isn't just me.

After about two weeks of researching "Can you die of boredom?" (Fact: worst is that you can go won't die..but that's still not something I want to happen), I decided I needed to make a long list of things, productive things, to do throughout the day:

1)  Update your resume
2)  Balance your checkbook and make a budget
3)  Make a list of books you want to read (don't do the actual reading at work, I've heard that's not very profesh ;)
4) Email that friend you've been meaning to email
5)  Come up with a menu for the week and write out the grocery list
6)  Update your address book
7)  Re-learn all the state laugh, but try naming them
8)  Write your grandparents a "Thinking of You" card
9)  Plan your outfits for the week
10)  Start that blog you've been meaning to start
11)  Pray/meditate (eyes open)
12)  Read your local news website
13)  Write down something you are thankful for
14)  Schedule your next haircut/doctor appt/dentist appt/etc.
15)  Plan that vacation you've been meaning to plan
16)  Clean out your purse/wallet
17)  Memorize a Bible verse
18)  Research the new restaurtants/shows/events/etc. in your city
19)  Text your parents
20)  Don't text that boy you've been kinda talking to..he'll pretend he's actually busy at work (he's not) and it'll just make you feel even worse about not being busy
Last but not least, put it all into perspective.  You have a job, in the air conditioning, that pays your bills.  Take a few minutes to reflect on that, then repeat.


  1. I love this!! I seriously thought I was the only one ever bored at work and everyone else always magically had something to do! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Girl, you are not alone ;) Thanks so much for reading!

  2. Love that you wrote a post about this! Especially since we were just talking about it last week :) I just made a personal 'To Do' list and also created a list for blog post ideas!

    Hope you're having a great day, girl!


    1. Isn't is funny? We're not the only ones.. You're so sweet for reading :)


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